Friday, July 11, 2008

Pop quiz.

I saw this guy's T-shirt in the breakfast line, so when I saw the camper later in the day, I just had to snap a picture. He said I wasn't the first to do that!

You know you're a Longhorn when...

1. You're the biggest and best in the nation and you know it.
That's certainly my opinion!

2. Your favorite colors are burnt orange and white.
Have you seen my purse? My wallet? My laptop case? You get the idea.

3. You vow to sing "The Eyes of Texas" at the birth of all your children.
I was too drugged up to sing anything at their births, but I did sing and play "The Eyes" for them in utero!

4. You come early, cheer loud, stay late and wear orange.
Without fail! All but four home games since 1986 plus Texas-ou and many bowl appearances.

5. You'd rather be watching the game. Period.
See #4.

6. You proudly use the Hook 'Em hand signal on a daily basis.

7. You sport a Bevo emblem on the back of your car.
Two, actually! Three if you count the antenna ball, but that's not on the back.

8. All your passwords include "Texas" or "UT."
Now that would be way too obvious for anyone who knows me!

9. You set your cell ringer to play "Texas Fight."
Of course!

10. You bleed orange.
Well, duh!

The season starts in just 43 days!

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