Wednesday, July 09, 2008

More from camp.

Monday night worship

Monday's entertainment: Bean & Bailey, the "clean comedians"

Ryan at Tuesday morning praise

Some of our guys volunteer for a game

(Some of you HCC-ers might recognize the boy at the end of the line.)

As part of this relay race, he had to eat a whole banana as quickly as possible. EWWW!!! (He did a great job, btw.)

Ryan at Tuesday night's entertainment: OC's Summer Singers concert

And my parting shot before I skedaddled and stopped embarrassing him!

Some of the fans were really into the concert!

The Summer Singers' finale

And further proof that I'm a geek: the lightboard in that auditorium! I knew I'd miss Brett and Katie (and I really do!), but is it bad that I'm homesick for HCC's A/V booth, too?

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