Saturday, July 19, 2008

From Ohio with love...

Nana and Papa had the family over for dinner Saturday night to express appreciation for their anniversary party and to celebrate July birthdays.

As usual, Nana cooked us up a great feast! We loved the black-eyed peas fresh from their garden.

We also enjoyed getting to spend more time with our family at the end of such a crazy week. But after dinner, we moved outside for what might have been the evening's highlight: CORNHOLE!

Cara and her boyfriend shipped the Cowboys-decorated cornhole set from Ohio to Texas so it'd be here for Nana and Papa's 50th. When Cara and Jeff were here last weekend, they taught everybody how to play this game, which seems to be really popular in Midwestern states. This weekend, even though Cara and Jeff were back home in Cleveland, we Texans did our part to help spread cornhole fever 'round these parts.

Kelly really perfected her technique as the evening progressed!

We really enjoyed having Chris in town from UMass for a while.

Chris's friend Quang was a tough competitor!

Scott and Katie go head-to-head.

Ryan and Brett had their own father/son duel.

Papa's got a mean arm on him, but he took a breather so others could play.

Prince didn't know what to think about all these people in his yard!

Katie and Amanda took a spin on a couple of Papa's bikes.

We enjoyed the good food, pleasant weather and fun game, but even though we really missed our absent family members, we loved the chance just to be together.

(If you're viewing this in Firefox, you're probably seeing a gray box over one of the pictures above. Sorry! I still can't find an explanation or a fix for this one! Apparently, the box doesn't appear in other browsers.)

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Anonymous said...

I'm so excited that ya'll are lovin' the cornhole! :) momma said you might want a longhorn set. You can go to and check out what he has. and, perhaps I can get you an aunt-of-the-girlfriend discount. ;)