Sunday, July 13, 2008

Celebrating 50 years.

On July 13, 1958, Joan H. married Perry W., and boy, am I glad! Their marriage was the beginning of a wonderful family that produced my husband!

To begin our celebration of their golden wedding anniversary, most of the family attended worship services at their home congregation, Southlake Boulevard.

We've been so happy to have Chris home from UMass!

And Cara came in from Cleveland for the weekend.

It was great to get to know her boyfriend, Jeff, too!

Ryan and Katie went nuts when they saw Brett hug his mom—as if he doesn't hug her every time he sees her! It was funny that they made a big deal about it!

So that's how we began our day. After that, the kids and I headed to HCC for second service, and then it was off to Scott and Margaret's for the big party. A busy day was underway!

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