Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wednesday at camp.

Morning Shout

Human pyramid...

...caught on video!
(Each night's worship begins with a video recap of the previous 24 hours. Very cool!)

Another day, another disgusting game!
(In this one, campers dropped chocolate-covered marshmallows in counselors' mouths.)

Some of our gang

Early birds got the good seats

At worship this evening, an artist painted while we sang. (I didn't catch the painter's name, but I know he's NOT the guy from the video we watched at HCC. It's the same concept, though.)

It was amazing to see the painting slowly take shape. Here's my approximation of time-lapse photography:

All in all, it was an enriching day, but boy, am I pooped! One of the counselors told me she feels like we pack two days in one. I was glad to know that it's not just my age that makes these days seem really long!

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