Friday, July 04, 2008

4th Fest, part 2.

After all the Inflatazone fun, we were ready for a break. We headed back to our picnic spot to revive. By this time, the heat was subsiding and we had a nice breeze. Fantastic weather!

My view from our quilt

Brett on the sand volleyball court
(This photo doesn't really do justice to the way he was tearing up the court! He had some amazing dives and wasn't fazed at all that he was playing with some who were half his age!)

While he was on one court, the kids were on another.
They had a blast, but our quilt was awfully sandy after these matches!

My job during volleyball: shoe guardian

Our view of the stage and the most versatile cover band ever

After we'd spent four hours in the park, it was finally dark! The band finished off its last set, and the crowd turned to the west. While we waited, we could see two, sometimes three, other fireworks displays going on! The shows in Haltom City and at the Birdville stadium were just to the southwest of us.

After those shows finished, it was our turn! We've always loved Bedford's display.

Our favorite part of the show? The big finish, of course! We just love how we could feel the explosions in our chests!

My favorite part of the whole day, though, was when my babies were leaning up against me as we watched the fireworks. The patriotic music, the amazing lights and colors in the sky, Ryan and Katie in my arms and my husband right beside me: PERFECT.

Happy Independence Day!

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