Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hot Springs holiday, part 2.

One of Brett's favorite activities is hiking, and even though Hot Springs National Park is in the middle of the city, it still has a series of nature trails. After touring Bathhouse Row, we were off to climb a mountain. Admittedly, this was far from Everest, but Hot Springs Mountain is part of the Ouachita Mountains, and it was a STEEP hike!

Our goal was to reach the Mountain Tower, a destination accessible by car but also within hiking distance. At one point I was winded and worn out, questioning our sanity. And just when I thought we'd never make it to the tower, I looked up and saw this:

It was so refreshing to go inside the gift shop at the base and enjoy the air conditioning! We bought our admission tokens there and headed on up to the top.

What a great view!

Even though I doubted him as I huffed and puffed up that long ascent, Brett was absolutely right: It was so much more rewarding to hike our way to the tower!

Mission: Accomplished!

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