Monday, July 14, 2008

Saying goodbye, part 2.

After the funeral in Marshall, we loaded up our vehicles and headed for McCaskill, Arkansas, where Oma was buried.

This cemetery is where many members of Nana's family are buried. Being there gave us a good chance to remind Ryan and Katie about their heritage.

Their great-grandparents: Nana's dad and mom

Their great-uncle and great-aunt, Chuck and Linda
(The kids and I know Chuck only through family stories,
but we all knew Linda well and miss her dearly.)

The kids' great-great-grandparents

After the graveside service, the family headed to Aunt Skeeter's house in Nashville, Arkansas. There we enjoyed good food and great conversation, and thanks to Skeeter's collection, we could show the kids even more of their family history.

Katie checks out pictures from her great-grandparents' 50th anniversary 20+ years ago

Nana and her sisters (Oma, Linda and Skeeter with their mom, Nanny Hicks)

It was fun watching the second cousins get reacquainted. Katie was quick to get in on the football game:

We all enjoyed the comfort of Skeeter's back porch and gorgeous backyard:

Just as we were leaving Skeeter's, Nana played the anniversary slideshow for everyone since they weren't able to be at the party Sunday. It was fun watching everyone's reaction to the old pictures!

Then we headed northeast, off to Hot Springs for a few days of R&R!

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