Sunday, July 13, 2008

The big shindig.

After months of planning, Nana and Papa's anniversary party had finally arrived! The party was at Scott and Margaret's house.

Among the guests was this couple, Nana and Papa's matchmakers! Papa later told the story of how they had invited him over to play dominos, and he was surprised to see "a girl" there. Once he figured out his hosts' intentions, he asked her out. Three months later, they were married!

It was good to see Aunt Velma and others from Papa's McGregor family.
We were so glad Dana's crew could make it!

Brett got to spend some time with sweet Logan, a friend's daughter.

The guests signed a book and a picture mat, keepsakes for the happy couple.

We had a variety of finger foods for the guests, too.

And this? This is NOT the cake. The tiered cake Kelly had painstakingly ordered was 3 1/2 hours late arriving to the party! This cake was the hastily purchased "just-in-case" substitute!

A friend from their church prayed for and with Nana and Papa,
and then Papa gave a speech about their blessings.

The grandkids used the staircase as their own balcony to watch the proceedings.

Cara performed a song that she and her dad
had written. So sweet and emotional!

Then it was time to cut the cake—the REAL one!
(It arrived during the prayer/speech/song time.)

The kiss

And then a much bigger kiss
(that sent the grandkids into convulsions!)

The couple got to re-enact this event
from 50 years ago.

The toast was a little difficult at first...

...but then they got it!

Everyone enjoyed the chance to catch up with out-of-town guests,

and the in-town folks that we don't get to see as often as we'd like.

Our hearts were heavy because we had just lost Oma, but we were full of joy, too. This special occasion made us very aware of our many blessings, and this was truly a golden day.

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