Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Six Flags through new eyes.

I can't remember my first trip to Six Flags. I remember lots of sleepless nights, anxiously awaiting the next day's two-hour drive from Tyler to Arlington. I remember the old turnpike and how exotic it was to have to pay to drive on a road. And I remember that we always rode the Scrambler first because it was right there near the front gate. (My mom would ease my fears by having me yell, "Hello, people!" every time we "scrambled" toward the fence!) But I don't remember my very first visit to Six Flags. Shoot, I can't even remember Ryan and Katie's first trip there! (I know they were tiny and we hung out in Looney Tunes USA, but since I wasn't blogging then, I have no clue how old they were!)

Today we got to take a friend to Six Flags, and since she lives near Houston, she'd never experienced what we call "the big, big park." Seeing this familiar place through Alex's eyes was so much fun! She loved the characters, the sounds, and, of course, the rides.

We started slow with rides like Crazy Legs, the Mine Train, the swings, the Judge,...

the Batwing,...

...and the Roaring Rapids.

We worked our way up to the Titan. For someone who had never ridden a roller coaster before today, Alex was so brave! After one time around, she said she'd never ride it again. When Ryan and Katie headed back into the line, I offered to ride the Sidewinder with her while we waited. She'd have none of that! She screwed her courage to the sticking place, and she was back in line, ready for ride #2. (On that first hill, she was squeezing my hand and had her eyes tightly shut. I encouraged her to look around, take advantage of the great view. "But I'm afraid of heights!" That made her bravery all the more impressive!)

This was another Wednesday visit (which means we couldn't stay all day), but we tried to get in as many Six Flags staples as we could. As we were driving away, Alex was already asking if she could come back next time she's in town!

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Wade said...

I would so work at Six Flags if they would let me be Batman!

Glad the kids had fun!