Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lost and found.

As part of our Project GOOD*, we've been doing some massive cleaning out and packing up around here lately. In the process of going through pile after pile of keepsakes and clutter, we've found all kinds of gems.

Not sure why I had this picture on our bedroom bookshelf, but this was Sunset, my first car. I remember going to the bank lobby in downtown Tyler to withdraw the $300 it cost—quite the bargain! A '72 Chevy Nova, it had no radio, shredded vinyl that used to be considered upholstery in the front seat, and no A/C. But I stuck an old transistor radio on the passenger seat, we covered the seat bench with some cheap fabric, and I rolled down those windows, delighted to have my own car! You can't tell from this picture, but it was the four-door model, not the "cool" two-door one, but it seemed so petite—at least compared to my mom's '74 Impala! I drove Sunset for about a year until my parents bought a new car and I got their old one. Can you believe my first car was burnt orange? Those were some rockin' license plates, too.

Another find:

This Bonne Bell Dr Pepper Lip Smacker was in a box of letters and notes from back in the day. Never the girly-girl, I didn't (and still don't) wear much makeup, but in middle school, this was my idea of lipstick! And yes, it still smells like Dr Pepper! No reason to wear "makeup" that makes you hungry.

*GOOD=Get Out Of Dodge. We're STILL trying to get our house on the market. STILL! And I'm not frustrated AT ALL that it's late July and we're still working on this stupid house and missing out on this prime house-selling season. Not. at. all. Can you sense my calm and cool approach to this project? No? Me neither.

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Jenna said...

Ha ha! That post had me rolling on the floor!!