Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tough and Tony.

On Tuesday night the boys headed to see Dark Knight, so Katie and I went to Grapevine Mills to adopt a new family member. Yep, we paid a visit to Build-a-Bear!


Warming the heart

Adding some happiness and sweetness

Putting her heart into it

Naming her bear

...and dressing him

Introducing Tough Stuff and Tony Rover (my creation)!

Tough's living up to his name!

T.S. was almost a karate champion, but Katie fell hard for the army fatigues. (Actually, the shades had her at "hello.")

Looking good! (Tony's there to oversee the festivities.)

After our new pets were born, we started to walk around the mall. The carousel stopped us dead in our tracks. Of course, we HAD to ride it! We haven't been to GM in ages, so we have no idea how long the carousel's been there. We do know that the carousel at Stonebriar in Frisco is one of our favorite reasons for going there (well, that and Sam Moon and—of course—IKEA), so we were tickled to go for a spin.

It was a great carousel! Katie opted for a horse, but the bear, the dog and I sat in a big chair. Imagine my surprise when the carousel started spinning and my chair started bouncing!

After that we decided we needed some grub, so we ate at the little Chili's there.

Mmm, chocolate shake!

Once we got home, KitKat had to meet the new family members.

Then Katie pulled out the other Build-a-Bears she's accumulated over the years.
I'm thinking Cassie was Katie's first creation, born at a friend's birthday party.
For tonight, Cassie was renamed Jessica to accompany Tony.

Then Katie decided Supergirl matched Tough Stuff well.

Candy, from K's own Build-a-Bear birthday party, was paired up
with Dirk Nobearski, born during our getaway to OKC in 2006.

Katie had been asking to visit Build-a-Bear for a while now, so tonight was the perfect opportunity to make good on an old promise. What a great time we had!

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