Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hot Springs holiday, part 4.

We began our last day in Hot Springs at Pirate's Cove mini golf.
Of course, we opted for the "challenge course," and it was tough! We loved the scenery, though!

How often do you get to play golf on a pirate ship?

We were happy to reach the shady part of the course. Even though it was only 9:30, it was already starting to get hot!

Four lousy strokes on that one!

We LOVED this place and recommend it highly to any Hot Springs visitors. The greens were in excellent shape, the staff was friendly, and the pirate theme was fun. Our rating? AAaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!

From there we headed to the Winery. The wine tasting was promoted with our duck tour, so we gave it a shot. It was SO much fun! The kids tried out some Arkansas grape juice while Brett and I tried out several varieties of Arkansas wine. It was worth the stop!

Then, since our tickets were included with the duck tour, we were back downtown for a visit to the wax museum. Going in, we knew we've been spoiled with our own local wax museum, and as expected, these figures weren't nearly as realistic as what we'd seen closer to home. Still, we had a good time checking out the scenes on display.

The stairway of the stars

Like the Palace of Wax, this one featured an "optional" scary section.
(As if we would bypass the monsters! HA!)

It was hair-raising!

This George Washington reminded me of Marcia Brady's drawing.

And this Teddy Roosevelt reminded us of Night at the Museum.

President Clinton looked pretty good, but Hillary? Not so much.

The anachronistic royal meeting with the Nixons

And our idea of royalty: the KING!

Katie tried on the kiddie car, but it was a tight squeeze!

From there we walked across the street to see the springs one more time.

And yes, that water was still HOT!!!

After one more stroll down Bathhouse Row, it was time to head back to Texas. We're so glad we stole these two days from this crazy summer to explore Hot Springs and enjoy some time together!

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