Monday, August 11, 2008

An addiction of Olympic proportions.

I am LOVING these Olympics! The opening ceremonies were unbelievable, and already several intriguing storylines have developed.

One added bonus for Longhorn fans this time around is's "Burnt Orange in Beijing" page. It lists all the athletes and coaches with UT connections, and it posts a daily schedule of who's playing/coaching and when. There's also a medal tally, and Texas Exes have already won two golds! One of those medals came yesterday with that unbelievable come-from-behind win in the men's 400m free relay. (Garrett Weber-Gale is the Longhorn connection there.) The other came tonight when Aaron Peirsol won the men's 100m backstroke.

Tomorrow night, the USA softball team begins its quest for another gold, and I can't wait to see how Cat Osterman, my all-time favorite female Longhorn athlete, does. (I lobbied hard for us to name our new dog after her. Wouldn't it be great to have a dog named Cat?)

Apparently I'm the only one in our household who's into the games all that much, but my family has been sweet to put up with random outbursts of screaming and clapping! They're also very good at the ol' "smile and nod" when I recap the day's excitement.

I'm glad they can tolerate my enthusiasm because I just can't help it. Go, Horns, go! And GO WORLD!

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Jennifer said...

I'm loving the Olympics too!