Saturday, August 09, 2008

Separate ways.

While we were in Dallas Friday, Brett was off to Tulsa with a friend of his. Their destination: the Oklahoma Video Game Expo.

For most of Saturday, he and his friend manned a table at the convention, and they had a blast buying, selling and trading classic games and talking to other classic gaming fans. Brett sold more copies of his book, too! His account of the weekend is here.

Meanwhile, the kids and I were trying to sell a house! Early Saturday we got a call that three different people wanted to see it, so we went nuts straightening up. Then we had to plan our escape. Two months ago we could've found a million things to do for the three hours we needed to stay away from the house, but now?

NOW we have a dog! We have a crazy dog! We have a dog who might see prospective buyers as LUNCH!

So Frisco got to go for a ride in my beloved Trail Blazer. Ryan and Katie are old pros at keeping her in the back seat so I can drive safely, but oh, the slobber, hair, general dog smells...

She looks calm here, no? Like a good dog? DON'T BELIEVE THAT SWEET FACE. She was hyper as always, just delighted to be going. She didn't even care where. She was all, "Let's go!"

We went to Nana and Papa's house, and there Frisco got to play with her cousin, Prince. It worked out so well; we walked into their house just in time for lunch! Nana even had a peach pie in the oven. It was awesome! We enjoyed a great visit, and before we knew it, the coast was clear and we could head home again.

And what's even better, Brett was headed home before too long, too!

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