Thursday, August 21, 2008

The beginning of the end.

Tonight was our final "meet the teacher" night at the kids' elementary school.

So for the last time, we filled out the forms, answered the questions, and loaded up Katie's desk so she'll be good to go on Monday.

We were thrilled that Katie will have Mrs. C this year! Mrs. C was Katie's third grade teacher, so we already know that she is awesome. After we took care of business in that classroom, we visited the music teacher and said hi to some of the other faculty.

As we wandered the halls, I found myself getting teary. I could tell I was just right there, right on the verge of an all-out breakdown. Why?

Part of it is gratitude. This school has been such a blessing to us, and we thank God for giving Ryan and Katie wonderful teachers (like Mrs. H here) throughout these vital years.

But I think most of my weepiness came because I still remember the other "meet the teacher" nights, like this one in 2004 when Katie was going into first grade. How can she be in FIFTH? Is she really in her last year of elementary school?

And of course, it seems like it wasn't that long ago that we took Ryan to meet his kindergarten teacher, and now he's heading into his second year of middle school. Just look at my little boy! Yesterday he had his athletics physical (I KNOW!), and he was proud to report that he's now 5 feet and 1/4 inch tall. Whaaaa---?

Fortunately, Katie was not the least bit verklempt tonight. She's an old pro at this "meet the teach" thing. She's at ease in her school environment, and she's excited to have a familiar teacher and a bunch of friends in her class.

I know six women who are sending kids off to kindergarten this year. I feel for them! I know at least one of the six is already on the emotional roller coaster that really gets rolling next week. But who gets weepy when her kid's going into FIFTH GRADE? I was honestly surprised that tonight affected me the way it did. I hate that I don't get to take the kids to school on the first day, but considering my current state, maybe it's just as well!


Jennifer said...

I think each year brings a new set of emotions and it's perfectly normal to feel that way....even in the 5th grade. I hope your kiddos have a wonderful year. Your pictures made me tear up!!

Jenna said...

I think that it makes perfect sense for you to feel sad. Lasts can sometimes be more emotional than firsts :)

tamandscott said...

I think that is why I'm so emotional because it will not be long until I am sending Bryce to 5th grade! I see the names on my fourth grade roster every year and think, they cannot be in fourth grade already! It just goes too fast, and I don't blame you one bit for feeling emotional. I am sure I'll be a wreck on that day, too. Who knew we were so sentimental!