Thursday, August 14, 2008

Practice makes perfect.

The day before I returned to work and attended my own district's back-to-school convocation, we got a sneak preview of BISD's convocation! Why?

Katie's singing with the elementary all-star choir!

We spent three hours in the coliseum so the students could run through the program, and what a program it was! The entire convocation was student-led, with high school theater students performing skits between choir, band and dance team performances.

Of course, my favorite part was "Dare to Dream," the elementary choir's song!

Ryan was a good sport. He watched some, read some and played his DS some more.

It was neat to get this peek into another district's convocation since most of my district's programs are fairly prosaic: welcome, guest speaker that's been flown in from afar, PowerPoint message from superintendent, encouraging words from the school board. I can't imagine our superintendent EVER making this kind of entrance:

(Be sure to watch about 20 seconds in.)

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