Monday, August 18, 2008


No, no, no. Not my hair! (Well, yes, I have plenty, thankyouverymuch, but that's not what this is about.)

This morning's weather matched my mood, and when I was stopped at this intersection, I remembered last year's "good mourning." Yes, I know that my profession is a blessing to me and my family, but oh, is it hard to let summer go!

For one, I feel like we really didn't do anything this summer. How ridiculous is that? This summer,
  • we found out I don't have breast cancer but did have an ulcer (that's mostly healed)
  • I had to say goodbye to Excedrin Migraine, my most effective headache reliever
  • we tried to deal with my daily headaches (and the accompanying crankiness)
  • we survived music camp, summer camps and VBS
  • I survived my week as a "dorm mom" at camp
  • we rode the Titan a whole, whole lot
  • we swam a whole, whole lot
  • we celebrated Brett's parents' golden anniversary
  • we lost Brett's precious aunt
  • we spent at least a little time with his side of the family
  • we vacationed in Hot Springs and climbed a "mountain"
  • the kids and I went on our Big D adventure
  • I spent a weekend in Amarillo with friends
  • Brett spent a weekend in Tulsa with friends
  • I got an iPhone (and can now add cowbell in any situation because you never know when you might need more cowbell)
  • we donated an embarrassing amount of stuff to Goodwill
  • we hauled out box after box to store until we move
  • we put our house up for sale
  • we hosted Ryan's 12th annual birthday pool party
Oh. And we got The Dog.

Still, we didn't come close to checking off everything on our "to do" list, so how can it possibly be time for school to start? (Besides, Ryan still needs to finish his summer reading assignment!)

In spite of my negative attitude, I've had plenty to smile about lately. It's been fun to catch up with my colleagues again, and our night with Lyle really perked me up. Bunko and book club will help me survive the gauntlet that is inservice week, too.

And then there's this:

Talk about communicating your expectations! I don't know why this made me laugh. The phrase "stink up"? The bold font color? That it's so carefully placed in a sheet protector?

Finally, guess what used to be where those unpainted spots are!

(Can you tell that blogging is good therapy for me? I should be sleeping, but instead I'm griping, griping, griping and writing about a bathroom sign! Worse yet, I actually took a picture in a bathroom! Oh, I need help—or at least a longer summer.)

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