Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Here's the story of a Bradymaniac.

OK, so I may be just a little obsessed with the Brady Bunch.

Yet another part of Project GOOD has been packing up our collections. (Yep, that's "collections," plural. Sad but true.) In our current house, we turned our "fun room" into a pop culture mini-museum; his sci-fi stuff, comics and monsters mingled with my Bradys, Friends and UT items. Who knows what our set-up will be in our next house, so as I packed these treasures away, I figured I'd better document what's in my collection in case I never see them all together again!

The whole* collection is documented on Flickr:

Click the big image to see the individual pix.

And just because no Brady collection would be complete without a singing and dancing hamster, I offer this:

*Sadly enough, this digital archive's incomplete! My Brady T-shirts have already been packed away, and I didn't shoot our Columbia House Brady VHS collection or either of the two complete series DVD sets. We have a slew of other videotapes—Brady Brides, talk show appearances, etc.—that I didn't document, either! And yes, I know that my Bradymania is WEIRD!!!

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