Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The dog blog.

"So when are you going to 'blog' the dog?"

So I guess it's time to admit that we have a dog now. She was a stray that had been hanging around the neighborhood for a few weeks until our across-the-street neighbors took her in. They were going to be spending a weekend in Frisco for the big KLTY concert, so they asked if we could watch her while they were gone. Voila! We inherited a dog, and in honor of our neighbors' destination, her name is Frisco.

Mind you, Brett adopted her on that Friday when I was sick as a dog. I slept off and on all day, and at one point, I awoke long enough for Brett to raise our bedroom window and whistle. And that's how I found out we had gotten a dog. Woo-hoo.

Nevermind that I had no input here. Forget that I might've wanted to give her—oh, I don't know—a girl's name. And completely disregard the fact that we're trying to sell our house and we now have this crazy dog in our backyard to scare away buyers.

I put off blogging about our new pet because (a) it took me a while to warm up to this mutt, and (b) she was obviously someone else's pet, and I knew that at any minute, somebody would come along and take her away. But our letter carrier told Brett that Frisco had been on her own for a good while, and all the "lost pet" calls we got turned out to be nothing. And my resistance to taking her in?

I got over it. Just look at how much Brett loves her!

The kids have wanted to get a dog for a long time, but Brett? He's SO happy!

He walks her at least once a day, sometimes twice. (He's even lost NINE POUNDS in the month since Frisco came to live with us!)

He just loves taking care of her, and for the most part, she's super receptive! She loves the attention he showers on her. She even tolerates taking a bath!

She's definitely crazy, though:
After her first few days with us, she discovered that our deck steps lead to the roof. We'd be leaving the driveway, look up and see our pooch sitting up there like she owns the place! When we were in Arkansas, our neighbor/dog-sitter called because Frisco had jumped off the roof into the front yard. Crazy, I tell you! She has also eaten just about anything left behind in our backyard (including our swing's seat cushions—GRRRR).

But how could you not love this face?

So, yes, now we have yet another black and white pet. Truthfully, I harbor some resentment because this isn't the best timing, and I honestly think her presence has something to do with why KitKat ran off (just three weeks after Frisco moved in).

Still, she's a sweet pup, and she brings my sweet husband so much joy.

Welcome to the family, Frisco!

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Jenna said...

Sounds like a love/hate relationship has been born;) I can't say that I have ever seen a dog sitting on a roof, that is crazy!